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Finding the right investment partner can be a challenge. Upper Canada Associates is well positioned to introduce individuals, organizations, and family offices to partner organizations who specialize in financing large-scale construction and development projects.

Through our partners, offshore investors are able to invest in development and construction mortgage markets, gaining targeted returns of 8%, while not being subject to withholding tax.



These funds provide:

  • Attractive yields
  • Regular liquidity 
  • Low volatility
  • Low risk
  • A consistent stream of income





Private Finance of Construction and Development


Private finance of construction and development projects has grown significantly over the past decade as a response to restrictions placed on lending by traditional institutions.

Private finance firms provide capital to developers in a more efficient, streamlined manner, while maintaining compliance with regulatory commissions. This results in greater profits for all stakeholders. 




Our Partner’s Fund

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The demand for development construction

The Demand for Development and Construction


Several common factors have led to ongoing development and construction in key growth corridors in North America.

In specific regions, competitive costs and political stability have encouraged the expansion of both traditional and innovative business. This has stimulated the housing and service sectors, which has led to strong population growth.



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